Arabian Nights and Moroccan Theme Party Ideas and Decorations: Wedding, Birthday, Sweet Sixteen, Bar Bat Mitzvah, Fundraiser, and Corporate Event Planning.

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Below Are Examples Of A Few Of The Options Available

Moroccan Tents & Seating

Brightly colored decorative tents and canopies with low seating and tables create a cozy and exotic ambiance where your guests can dine or lounge.

Themed Grand Entrances

Imagine a dramatic, royal Arabian-style red carpet entrance through an arched entryway with the guest of honor carried in on a sedan chair.

Arabian Special Effects & Lighting

Your venue will be lit in rich, jewel-tone colors, exotic images of flying carpets, palm fronds, and arabesque motifs at your very special event.

Moroccan Ceiling & Wall Treatments

Your walls and ceilings are draped with colorful fabrics to create a tented effect. Beautifully painted backdrops add ambience and a dramatic flair.

Processional Regal Entrance

Canopies and elegant, mobile thrones called sedan chairs, palanquins or amarias are popular for sweet sixteen's, weddings or a special guest of honor.

Exotic Hookah Lounge

Enjoy fragrant and flavorful tobacco filled hookahs in a tented lounge staffed by costumed attendants. We also carry herbal, nicotine-free tobacco.

Moroccan Lanterns & Lamps

Ambient lighting created with dramatic 2'-6' henna lamps, stained glass tabletop lanterns, cut metal floor lanterns, hanging lanterns, and chandeliers.

Moroccan Tabletop Decor

Choose from handmade brass and silver trays, colorful vases, plates, and tagines inlaid with silver samovars and colorful tea glasses.

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